Carbon Negative

The International Energy Agency (IEA) indicates that based on studies conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have to deploy carbon negative solutions if we are going to avoid catastrophic global warming.


While a few leaders are taking bold initiative to be leaders in carbon negative solution deployment, we posit that the only way it is realistic to achieve far-reaching and sufficient effect is by ground-up action. We believe that solutions which are accessible and deployment by every individual and every household are the most meaningful solutions.


This is why we are excited to provide a process and product which is truly carbon negative and can be deployed on a massive scale.


With every ounce of Biochar by Alléo purchased and put into the ground to foster organic growth, sequestered carbon is put to use to take more carbon out of the atmosphere. A double carbon carbon knock-out is achieved.


First, the product itself is the result of well-designed methods and conscientiously executed processes to remove what would be rotting waste (which emits carbon-potent methane) and turns that waste into useful energy (which replaces fossil fuel energy). That is the first step to a carbon downfall.


The second is found in the tremendous fact that this sequestered carbon, in its natural molecular structure, is excellent for the growth of plants. The increased growth accounts for an increase in the amount of carbon that is taken out of the atmosphere. This could be particularly effective when applied to tree seeds and saplings.


By deploying this biochar, and these processes in a widespread manner we could together implement far-reaching results. Our scientist’s calculations show that with sufficient demand of this product, we could offset global energy-based carbon emissions entirely within 14 years.


Not a bad reason to join in for a carbon negative uprising and an atmospheric carbon downfall.